Nortera Foods Inc.

Industrial Project


Bonduelle Americas

The purpose of this exciting venture was to enhance the infrastructure of Bonduelle America’s vegetable processing plant. With a focus on industrial excellence, we worked with Bonduelle to implement a wide range of features to optimize functionality and efficiency. Our uncompromising approach included surveying the existing structure, removing tar and gravel roofing, and laying new concrete pad footings for sturdy support. We also erected new structural steel columns, wide flange rafter beams, purlins and structural support for existing ammonia lines and fans.

To augment overall quality and durability, we installed a new Duralast roof membrane with 6″ of ISO insulation. Falk-insulated metal panels were also incorporated to ensure robust upper walls. As part of our commitment to progress, we demolished the existing wood roof structure to allow for greater overhead clearance, particularly for the new freezer tunnel. To further optimize operational flow, we also removed 1400 square feet of the existing floor, replacing it with an expertly poured and sloped flooring surface to accommodate a 110′ stainless steel slot drain.


Project Details

Date: March 2022
Customer: Nortera Foods Inc.
Start Date: January 4, 2021
Completion Date: February 26, 2021
Type: Industrial
Usage: Roof structure replacement
Structure: IMP wall envelope and Duro-Last roof system
Square Foot: 8,250 square feet


Building Features

Concrete: Replacement concrete as part of repair work
Metals: Engineered steel structure, modified to existing steel beam
Thermal & Moisture: Falk IMP exterior panels and Duro-Last built-up roof system
Openings: Overhead door
Finishes: Exterior steel primer
Specialties: Constructed the new structure atop the existing one, ensuring interrupted production in the face of relentless, bone-chilling temperatures