Our Approach

Creative, cohesive and collaborative.


Design-build collaboration

Our approach begins and ends with you. From the first conversation about your vision, our team comes together into one creative, cohesive and collaborative unit committed to your project. We mobilize behind you with a full-service continuum to eliminate hassle, inefficiencies and risk.

We streamline the entire process for you, taking care of every detail as we bring your vision to life, on time and on budget. The outcome is a beautifully-constructed space where you and your vision can thrive.


Starting with your vision

You have a vision but aren’t sure how to bring it to life.. This is where we come in. Through collaborative discussions we learn  what your ideas, goals and perspectives are. With our collaborative approach, you’ll be a part of the team right from the start. 


We create a detailed plan

After sharing your vision with us, we send it to our design team, who drafts a conceptual ‘step one’ of your project. From there, our estimating team then generates a broad overview budget, and our drafting and management teams create a detailed plan that considers every aspect of your project.


Your vision comes to life

With a clear plan in place, the construction phase begins. Through coordination with you from dayone, the build is streamlined and highly efficient. With our approach you can rest assured that we will work tirelessly to bring your vision to life.


We are a ‘great people’ company.

From the day we built our first fence in 1991, our focus has always been on helping and being great people. The way we see it, great people make the best customers. But earning and maintaining their trust means that we’ve got to be great people, too. The kind of people who show up, keep promises and go above and beyond in the work they do. As we’ve grown, we’ve extended that philosophy to the people we hire to join our team.

At Westco, people are our most important asset. The quality of our customers and our team remind us every day to stay humble, hard-working and honest. That’s a promise we intend to keep.