Million Air

Commercial Project


Million Air

The Million Air Private Hangar at YYC is one of our latest, most innovative commercial projects. Led by renowned Project Manager Eric Senneker, this endeavour began on August 9, 2019, and successfully completed on May 31, 2020. Boasting a total area of 45,520 square feet, including a 35,460 square foot hangar and a two-story office spanning 9,060 square feet, this impressive structure is constructed using pre-engineered structural steel.

The building envelope features sleek metal cladding, ensuring durability and a modern aesthetic. The spacious hangar incorporates a pre-engineered 197-foot clear-span steel structure, while the office section combines stucco and metal cladding with sheathing, insulation and drywall. Noteworthy features include a 120-foot sliding door, aluminum windows and doors and a foam fire suppression system for enhanced safety.

Inside, the hangar’s concrete floor is built with floor drains, while the roof construction utilizes standing seam insulated metal panels (IMPs). The exterior walls of the hangar are composed of metal cladding, fire spray, spray insulation, and a metal liner. To complement the structure, the project also included landscaping, concrete curbing and an asphalt parking lot.

With Eric Senneker at the helm, this project has been executed to perfection, resulting in a state-of-the-art private hangar tailored to the needs of Million Air. Its completion on May 31,, 2019, marks another success for our team in delivering outstanding commercial construction projects.


Project Details

Project Manager: Eric Senneker
Date: Spring 2021
Customer: Million Air
Start Date: August 9, 2020
Completion Date: May 31, 2021
Type: Commercial
Usage: Private Hanger at YYC
Structure: Pre-Engineered Structural Steel
Size: 45,520  square feet



Building Features

Concrete: Precast concrete wall panels, concrete floors and aprons, heated concrete adjacent to the tarmac
Metals: Brytex pre-engineered steel building package, Steel Q decking for roof and mezzanine
Thermal & Moisture: Colored exterior metal cladding, Metl-Span roof system, continuous gutters
Openings: Man doors, overhead doors and double pane picture windows
Finishes: Metal panel system, EIF stucco and horizontal corrugated pre-finished metal siding
Specialties: n/a