Green Acres Colony – Chicken Layer Barn

Agricultural Project


Chicken Layer Barn

The Green Acres Colony Chicken Layer Barn was initiated in July 2021 and successfully completed in May 2022. Spanning over 36,750 square feet, this state-of-the-art building boasts a robust and meticulously designed structure. The combination of various construction elements – including precast, steel, insulated metal panel (IMP) and cladding – support a durable and efficient environment for poultry farming.

The building envelope features 3/4/3 precast walls, a fire-resistant clad roof and an IMP ceiling system. The concrete aspects encompass cast-in-place strip footing, slabs and interior walls, while precast components consist of 3/4/3 exterior walls and 8″ solid interior walls.

Metal elements include steel scissor trusses for structural support and cold-rolled galvanized roof purlins. For optimal thermal and moisture management, Falk 4″ insulated metal panels were installed in the ceiling system, complemented by fire-resistant cladding on the roof.

To optimize the functionality of the building, various openings were integrated, including overhead doors of different sizes, cooler doors, stainless steel man doors and PVC windows. Meticulous attention was also paid to finishes, such as eave cladding, flashings, and trims, ensuring both operational functionality and pleasing aesthetics.

Our team took pride in collaborating closely with equipment and ventilation suppliers throughout the process to ensure seamless integration and proper placement of their products within the facility. This thoughtful coordination of expertise and efforts led to a successful outcome that positions the Green Acres Colony Chicken Layer Barn for long-term operational success.


Project Details

Project Manager: Marlin Konynenbelt
Date: Spring 2022
Customer: Green Acres Colony
Start Date: July 2021
Completion Date: May 2022
Type: Agricultural
Usage: Chicken Layer Barn
Structure: Design, Build and Engineered building using precast, steel, IMP and cladding
Size: 36,750 square feet


Building Features

Concrete: Cast-in-place Strip footing, slabs and miscellaneous interior walls, Precast 3/4/3 precast exterior walls and 8” solid interior walls
Metals: Steel scissor trusses, cold rolled Galvanized roof purlins
Thermal and Moisture: Falk 4” insulated metal panels for the ceiling system, FR cladding for the roof
Openings: OH Doors of various sizes, cooler doors, Stainless Steel man doors, PVC windows
Finishes: Eave cladding, flashings and trims
Specialties: Worked with the equipment and ventilation suppliers to ensure the fit and placement of their products