Harmony Beef Company

Industrial Project


Harmony Beef Company

This project was an addition to Harmony Beef Company’s existing operation. Managed by Eric Senneker, the project involved the construction of a 4000-square-foot rail cooler using precast panels for both the structure and building envelope. With its innovative design, including hollow core slabs and a robust roof assembly, the facility boasts exceptional bearing capacity that accommodates more than 150 carcasses. The thoughtfully designed and executed construction showcases cutting-edge techniques and superior craftsmanship. It also features a built-up roof system and a comprehensive basement mechanical setup. Explore this remarkable project. This addition, starting in March 2021 and completed in August 2021.


Project Details

Project Manager: Eric Senneker
Date: Summer 2021
Customer: Harmony Beef
Start Date: March 2021
Completion Date: August 2022
Type: Industrial
Usage: Rail cooler
Structure: Precast panels
Size: 4000 square feet


Building Features

Concrete: Precast, hollow core and slabs used throughout
Metals: Structural steel reinforced portals, metal stair sections
Thermal & Moisture: Exterior walls insulated precast wall panel, built up membrane roof system
Openings: Stainless steel, insulated Man doors
Finishes: n/a
Specialties: n/a