Grassy Lake Potato Company

Agricultural Project


Grassy Lake Potato Company

Exciting news! Phase 1 of our dynamic collaboration with Grassy Lake Potato Company has reached its triumphant conclusion! Behold the transformation of a 19,952 sqft space into a cutting-edge Box Storage facility, the birth of a sprawling 24,000 sqft Loadout area, and the rise of a colossal 35,391 sqft Bulk Potato Storage facility. 🏗️ Nestled near Grassy Lake, AB, this groundbreaking project heralds a new era for the potato storage industry in the region!

Our project boasts meticulously crafted stamped engineered drawings, fortified with galvanized steel plenums, and crowned with a meticulously constructed fully adhered built-up roof system. Bid farewell to thermal transfer concerns and embrace minimal cleanup duties. With no spray foam in sight, we’ve revolutionized the cleanup and disinfection process, ensuring pristine bins that remain maintenance-free.

Stay tuned as our partnership with Grassy Lake Potato Company continues to flourish, dedicated to delivering the finest spuds to our cherished community!

Grassy Lake Potato Company

Project Details

Project Manager: Eric Senneker
Date: February 8, 2023
Customer: Grassy Lake Potato Company
Start Date: February 8, 2023
Completion Date: Late February 2024
Type: Agricultural
Usage: Potato Storage and Loadout Facility
Structure: Engineered foundation, slab, primary and secondary structure
Building Envelope: Insulated metal panel walls and membrane roof system
Size: 79,343 square feet


Building Features

Concrete: Footings, precast plenum push wall  and slabs
Metals: Engineered structural steel for the loadout and storage bins, cold-rolled galvanized for secondary for interior pressure walls, Q-decking for roofs and mezzanines
Thermal and Moisture: Duro-last 50mil membrane roof system, 8” of ISO insulation, Falk Insulated Metal Panels for the exterior wall, 26ga. cladding for the interior walls
Openings: Various overhead doors with openers, steel exterior man doors, pressure gates
Specialties: Framing as required to install fans and Climacells