Cavendish Farms

Industrial Project


Cavendish Farms

This collaborative industrial project was managed by Harry Mueller. To create an automated storage space for frozen potato products, a colossal high-bay freezer was constructed, measuring an impressive 345′ x 111′ with a soaring height of 120′. The building envelope was fortified with 6″ insulated metal panels, ensuring ideal insulation and efficiency in changing weather conditions.

With a total area of 38,295 square feet, this state-of-the-art facility features a customer-supplied and installed racking system. To complement this system, the Westco team designed and built cladding using 6″ IMP panels, extending two stories high at 58′ 6″ and 60′ 10″. The roof boasts a resilient Q-Deck and incorporates built-up insulation with a slope package and torch-on roofing. Additionally, the building incorporates fourteen scuppers with downspouts, ensuring proper drainage on each side.


Project Details

Project Manager: Harry Mueller
Date: Fall 2019
Customer: Cavendish Farms
Start Date: January 2019
Completion Date: September 2019
Type: Industrial
Usage: High-bay freezer
Structure: 345’ x 111’ x 120’ high racking freezer building
Size: 38,295 square feet


Building Features

Concrete: n/a
Metals: IMP Metalspan CF Mesa Foam insulated panels
Thermal & Moisture: n/a
Openings: n/a
Finishes: n/a
Specialties: Atlas safety roof Cable system