Journeyman Ironworker

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Full Time


The applicant must meet or exceed the following requirements:

• General construction experience
• Skidsteer operation experience
• Variable reach forklift (zoomboom) experience
• Man lift experience (scissor, Z and S boom lifts)
• Valid Alberta Class 5 Driver’s Licence
• Physically fit and able to lift heavy items

Working Conditions

We are seeking dedicated and hardworking individuals to join our construction team as Journeyman Ironworkers. This role involves working in various outdoor conditions, both during the summer and winter months. The Journeyman Ironworker will play an integral role in supporting construction projects by performing a range of physical tasks to ensure the successful execution of projects.

This is a full-time, seasonal position with flexible work hours that may encompass shifts lasting up to 12 hours or longer, although the typical shift duration is around nine (9) hours. Each workday includes a one (1) hour lunch break, and employees are entitled to two (2) 15-minute coffee breaks.


Wage based on experience


You shall be required to supply certain tools that will be necessary on a daily basis. (see TOOL LIST)

Principal Duties

Include but are not limited to the following:

• Concrete forming, pouring, and finishing
• Steel erection
• Wood and steel framing of wall and roof systems
• Erecting pre-cast concrete panels
• Insulating
• Metal wall and roof cladding
• Operating skidsteers, man lifts, zoombooms, and other construction equipment
• Dirt works
• General construction duties


You are responsible for ensuring your daily work is carried out in a professional and diligent manner as directed by the Foreman, Construction Supervisor, or General Manager.


You shall report to the Construction Foreman that you are assigned to work with. He will inform you of work start times and instruct you in your daily duties. If there are things which arise that you would rather not discuss with your foreman you may report to the CONSTRUCTION MANAGER, Marty Van Ee or the GENERAL MANAGER, Jason Van Ee.

Staff Meetings

From time-to-time there will be employee safety and staff meetings which you will be expected to attend. Attendance time will paid as regular time.


In the case of an accident or emergency you have the authority to use company vehicles or equipment as you see fit to provide assistance or support.


Any employees reporting for work under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs shall be sent home immediately. A repeat offence shall be cause for dismissal.
Any employee found to be operating a Westco Construction Ltd owned vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs may face instant dismissal.
Other cases of insubordination, absenteeism, late reporting for work and other unacceptable behaviour shall be dealt with by a verbal warning for first incident, a written warning for the second incident and possible dismissal for subsequent incidents.


All employees, including management staff, are evaluated annually. This evaluation is not a test and is confidential information. The evaluation is a means of measuring improvement and is designed to be positive and helpful in that it shall provide a sounding board and an opportunity to improve company and employee performance.