Waterton Headwaters Actuator

Waterton, AB

Waterton Headwaters Actuator

Client: Alberta Environment
Location: Waterton, AB

Usage: Three design-build buildings to cover the Waterton Dam Spillway, Waterton Dam Irrigation Gate and Bullhorn Wasteway on the Waterton to St. Mary Canal.

Structure: Conventional steel framing on an existing foundation.

Building Envelope: Insulated Metal Panel.  Metl-Span CF42 Mesa 2” thick walls and Metl-Span LS-36 roof 4” thick.

Building Size: Waterton Spillway curved structure 61.334M x 2.44M x 2.8M high

Waterton Irrigation Gate 12.64M x 3.988M x 3.75M high

Bullhorn Wasteway.  18.9M x 2.636M x 3M high

Features: All three buildings are being erected over existing concrete and machinery.

The Irrigation Gate building required excavation on one side and the supply and installation of a 1M wide steel and concrete floor on three sides of the existing structure to support a larger floor and building.

The Waterton Spillway is being erected immediately adjacent to the highway bridge and the building jog to gain clearance past the bridge railings.