Bonduelle Americas


Bonduelle Americas

Client: Bonduelle Americas
Location: Lethbridge

Customer: Bonduelle Americas

Start Date: Jan 4, 2021

Type: Industrial


Remove existing tar and gravel roofing – survey existing structure – layout and cast in place new concrete pad footings for new columns – erect new structural steel columns, wide flange rafter beams, purlins, structural support for existing amonia lines and fans – install new Duralast roof membrane with 6″ of ISO insulation – install Falk insulated metal panel upper walls – demo and remove existing wood roof structure – install snow load purlins at roof transitions

This is an industrial project in Lethbridge for Bonduelle Americas, a vegetable processing plant. The work consists of building a new 8300sqft raised, steel roof structure and demolition of existing wood roof structure to allow more overhead clearance for a new freezer tunnel. In addition to this, 1400sqft of existing floor will be removed, re-poured and sloped to a new  110′ stainless steel slot drain.