Theo Van Ee

Theo Van Ee is a highly experienced and accomplished professional in the construction industry, currently serving as the Principal at Westco Construction. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, he co-founded the company in 1991, initially specializing in fencing services. Over the years, Theo’s dedication and hands-on approach have propelled him to his current role as Principal, where he brings his comprehensive expertise in all aspects of building construction and design. From his early days as a welder and journeyman metal system erector to his proficiency in engineering and drafting, Theo’s diverse skill set has been instrumental in the success of Westco Construction. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field, Theo Van Ee was honored with the prestigious Cranbrook Ford design award in 2012. Throughout his career, he has cultivated a deep appreciation for the company culture at Westco Construction and has had the privilege of collaborating with exceptional individuals. Theo takes great satisfaction in meeting and working with talented professionals, and his commitment to fostering positive working relationships has been a cornerstone of his success. With his extensive knowledge and passion for the construction industry, Theo continues to drive Westco Construction forward, ensuring excellence in every project undertaken by the company.